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y & j

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tvfxq's fan fiction community dedicated to the Korean idol pairing, YunJae. This community has open membership and all entries are free for everybody's viewing.

Disclaimers: I have no rights over the real, actual people I have used in my stories; Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu as well as other celebrities each belong to themselves and to an extent, their proprietors. I own all the stories and plots I formulate, unless stated otherwise. Proper credit will be and has been given to the original owners of plots, original authors of inspired stories, as well as inspired events. Again, unless stated otherwise, each situation given in each story is purely fictional, and similarities to real people, events, movies, and the like are purely coincidental and unintentional on my part.


♔ Do not repost any of the stories elsewhere, I posted them here for a reason.

♔ Translations of my works are allowed, as long as they are credited properly and as long as I am provided with a link to where it has been posted.

♔ All of my works have a downloadable version. That being said, please do not distribute any of my stories from another source - be it your own or somebody else's. I took the liberty of creating a PDF file of all of my fan fictions for everybody's convenience, so please respect that and only share the links that I myself posted.

♔ Do not claim any of my works as your own. Plagiarism is something that I detest. I pour hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months into each and every one of my stories, and so for somebody else to steal my works and claim it as their own would be insulting, to say the least. Anybody caught plagiarizing will be banned and blacklisted from this community.

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